About us

The company has been established by an experienced team of Satellite Communication field in 2010.

Shareholders of the company are key technical persons of satellite communications earth stations technology having more than 35 years of field experience in satellite communications networks & equipments

We are able to perform complete turnkey solutions engineering designs, maintenance and consultation on all types of communications systems. Such as data, voice, video over satellite.

Our team of professionals is using its expertise to design and construct commercial fix and mobile earth stations in Islamic Rep.of IRAN and our production now have the unique ability to fully comply the private and governmental customer technical requirements. Equipment reliability and customer based technical services and solutions are unique in the satcom market and during 2 years of efficient activities. We now have more than 90 percent of mobile satellite terminals market. During 2012 the company performed a complete mobile banking network for a private BANK in 30 provinces of country with 40 ESHTAD 1200 and ESHTAD 980 fully automated vehicular antennas and sold 15 to other BANKS and organizations . and really the company now is pioneer in commercial satellite Communications solutions and mobile earth station terminals Research Design production.

The equipments software/hardware are fully designed and constructed by the company high level specialists in IRAN so the customers can order the required features capabilities and specials operation menus or any SW/HW interface for sat modems